vHM Design Futures x Speculative Futures LDN 004

Jack and Clive speaking at our last gathering, hosted by Made by Many

How to bring magic back to innovation and spark meaningful conversations?

Philips Design Probe Microbial Home
‘Skin Dresses’ Philips — Wearable Electronics, 2006

“You get paid for the insights about possible futures you produce, the understanding of consumer reaction to your artefacts — not for new solutions to create and sell.”

“We had to go outside in a way to go back in.”

Skinsucka reveals a scenario where microbial powered autonomous micro-devices share our living spaces and eat household dirt
Levis ICD+ jacket (2000)

More about Speculative Futures LDN!?

Chats, nibbles and drinks before the talk this time at the lovely Made by Many studio.



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Speculative Futures London

Speculative Futures London

A collection of stories and insights related to Design Futures, Critical Design, Speculative Design, Design Fiction, Futurism, and Science Fiction… #madeinLDN